About our company

We are a successful Western Australian based electrical engineering and design consultancy. Our success is built around our strong client focus, and ability to consistently deliver bespoke engineering and design results of the highest level.

Our journey

We've been around for quite a while and continuously trading since 1976 initially as Derek Butt Consulting Engineers, before becoming Derek Butt and Associates, Butt and Miller, Electrical Technology Consultants, Engineering Technology Consultants/ETC, and now ETC Solutions.

What's in a solution

We're striving to champion positive change, encourage creativity, facilitate collaboration, develop and meet the vision, and see the opportunity in the constraint. We seek to do these things through forward thinking engineering, and our specialist design skills, acknowledging each project and development is unique.

Give us the facts

Here's some numbers for you! We've been doing this for a long time and have demonstrable success in a lot of projects. These numbers talk to that story.

Year we started
Collective years of experience
Successful projects
1+ billion
Annual project value we provide solutions for

Our Values

ETC Solutions measures our success through processes designed to meet overall objectives, both as a business and as part of the broader community

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In striving for the best possible outcome

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Trust and respect

We will lead by example, owning our actions and the resultant outcomes

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ETC Solutions is an ISO9001 certified consultancy

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By challenging convention to provide better outcomes

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Through engagement, collaboration, and delivering on the collective's ideas

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Value promise

At the core of ETC Solutions is a commitment to excel in design consultancy delivery with a focus on improving outcomes for our client and communities